People are talking about URBAN ZEN

“Navida Stein is a compelling storyteller who pays close attention to everything that crosses her path. URBAN ZEN is a show that memorably captures both the exhilaration and despair of life in New York City. I felt the zing of recognition many times.”

Brian Kellow – Features Editor, OPERA NEWS

“In this engaging solo piece Navida Stein celebrates the immediacy of the urban landscape with her keenly observed characters in vivid encounters. Navida is a consummate story-teller and her passionate embrace of the here and now is a refreshing wake-up call to our texting twittering world. Urban Zen is funny, touching, and wise.”

Gretchen Cryer – Teacher: Writing for Solo Performance
Writer & Performer of “I’m Getting My Act Together and Taking It On The Road”

“Beautiful writing, beautiful performing.  World class, deep and meaningful.  I loved it.”

David Brunetti – Broadway Vocal Coach, Musician & Author of ACTING SONGS

“In Urban Zen, Navida has an outstanding achievement.  The show is lively, lovely, so personal and so well done. It’s an extraordinary look at the people and patterns of city life.  Since I saw it, I’ve noticed so much happening on the streets and subways and I’ve actually stopped focusing on my digital devices when I’m surrounded by the fascinating stories of the city and its characters.”

Peter Risafi – TV executive

“Navida’s Urban Zen is a poetic tutorial in how to pay attention to the wonders hidden within ordinary events of daily life.  Some of the stories are hilarious, and others are poignant and heartbreaking – and all of them are eloquent reminders that everything we need to know in life can be learned through a chance encounter with a stranger or a random bus ride uptown – if only we will stop and pay attention!  Navida’s writing is as attentive to detail and nuance as her subject matter, and her performance is a joy!”

Martha Miller – Psychotherapist, Singer & Composer

“I so enjoyed the show, and cannot stop thinking about it!!! Yesterday the image of ‘backpack boy’ jumped into my mind. Your stories were captivating, everything flowed so beautifully, and I was so moved!  I have also been very awake ever since…noticing my world! What a blessing.”

Julia M. Morris – Storyteller & Arts Consultant

“I’ve been thinking, meditating on your beautiful performance last night.  It was so excellent, moving and real.  You have tremendous presence and fabulous acting chops but this was so much more than a play or even a performance–it was vivid living LIFE and perfect theatre with its power to change people.”

Brooke Myers – Iyengar Yoga Teacher

“Navida Stein’s Urban Zen is much more than terrific entertainment.  It is a vehicle for opening hearts and minds to the wonders of learning to be truly present.  I laughed and cried and left with a magical message.”

Rebecca Street – TV, Film & Theater Actress

“So brilliant – so amazing! I was at the edge of my seat for each story!  I am still processing the breadth, scope… the range of your inspiring, phenomenal talents. Your radiance, your sublime sharing of Urban Zen was exquisite.”

LuAnn Adams – Award Winning Storyteller